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Here it is!  Max Creek founder and cigar box guitar hero David Reed has released his long awaited fourth solo album “Gypsy Davy” on the Dry Duck Records label. Recorded and mixed by Luke Germain in his Stockbridge, MA studio and mastered by Ian Stewart in Housatonic, MA, David’s unique blend of folkrock, blues, country, and Caribe-vibe genres come together in an eclectic musical adventure that showcases his deft acoustic guitar picking, and of course, his own sensational, hand-made cigar box slide guitars.

 David’s inspired voice powers and growls its way through the blues, caresses the ballads, and his lively-up, West Indian patois in the reggae/calypso selections is always a delightful surprise. David’s vocals and cigar box playing on the title cut of “Gypsy Davy” are an exotic and energetic musical journey that fires the imagination.

 Spotlighting his own Band of Introverts (Sam Earnshaw, drums and Scott McKenney, bass), a number of distinguished guest artists join David on this vibrant and exceptional new album, including friends from Max Creek (Scott Murawski/lead guitar and Mark Mercier/keyboards) and a collection of several well-known Berkshire County musicians, including Eric Martin (violin/viola), Dave Vittone (accordion), Brendan Reed (djembe), Mark Tuomenoksa (saxophones), Claudia d’Alessandro & Lee Everett (backup vocals).

Gypsy Davy is available at CDBaby, live shows and on Amazon, Spotify, and most other online outlets. 




David Reed and Dr. Easy are at it again in this lively recording of this ‘n that...original songs, recreated covers, solo guitar instrumentals and full-blown band arrangements (with David playing most of the instruments!) recorded @ Studio F in NYC. Asleep At The Keel gives you fourteen songs (and then some!) and includes guest appearances by Mary Knysh and Ernie Fortunato from Studio F.  Shiver with delight at David’s slide guitar, shimmering string orchestra and (gasp!) oomphing tuba; quake at Mary’s angel choir and ploinky steel pan; rock out with Big E’s raunchy Les Paul...it’s all here, NOW, on Asleep At the Keel!
Added Bonus – One of David’s short stories featuring Dr. Easy graces the cover of Asleep At The Keel and tells how the record came to be named. CD: $10US, or two for $18US (+ $2 p&h within continental US).


Tamboura's world-groove dance record, Live At the Lion, recorded before a lively audience at the world-reknown Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA. Can't make it to Key West or the Caribbean this year? Grab this record . . . almost like having a cold Red Stripe on Mallory's pier at sunset!
CD: $10US; Cassette: $8US (+ $2 each s&h within continental US).



TuTu Much's electracoustic folkrock'n reggae CD, Nev'enuff!

"Strut & stride wid dese guys by yo' side!" - Uncle Bubbel.

CD: $10US ($2 s&h within continental US).




David Reed's rare first recording (1988) of original songs,Try It Again, in which he actually gets to play his knees! Don't worry, there's some of his tasty guitar pickin' on it, too. Classic Cassette format only: $8.00 US (+ $2 s&h within continental US).  HURRY. . .VERY limited supply!


"Dr.Ea$y's Sonic Boxes" & "Man Cave Lighting Co." - Unique, artfully hand-made musical instruments and accent lighting.




IN 2010, Tamboura Productions proudly introduced our line of beautifully hand-crafted, yet primitive, cigar box guitars, diddley-bows and banjo-ukes - "Dr. Ea$y's Sonic Boxes" - Cigar Box Instruments!  

Thinking-within-the-box as he is wont to do, Dr. Easy can often be found in his tiny shop creating one-of-a-kind musical instruments from unique and colorful cigar boxes, antique license plates and hubcaps and marrying them to beautiful, select hardwoods, both native and exotic. Using vintage hand and power tools and other odd bits 'n pieces he's squirreled away over the years such as old keys, sundry plumbing parts, polished stones and interesting bottle caps, this crafty ol' codger combines his years of imagination, working with his hands and playing music to make musical instruments that are both artistically aesthetic and purely practical. Instruments range in price from $125 - $350 depending upon type, style and appointments - and electronic pick-ups can be installed as an option! 





And NEW in 2017, we are pleased to introduce our newest line: "Dr. Ea$y's Man-Cave Lighting Co."  -  Fabulous lamps and nite-lites made from new and vintage cigar boxes!  Priced from $49  to $79.


 Email us at tamboura2@aol.com to discuss the construction of your own cigar box guitar, or lamp!



 As Dr. Easy himself often not-so-tactfully says: "My cigar box guitars are just as happy on your wall as they are in your hands. Now, make me happy and buy one."

We invite you to have a look at this slideshow…it's just a sampling of some of the beautiful instruments coming out of the shop recently . . .






"Getting Started with the 3-String Cigar Box Guitar"

David Reed's new booklet is the perfect companion to one of his 3-string "Dr. Ea$y's Sonic Cigar Box Guitars"!  This 20-page booklet, complete with photos and illustrations, is written in a light, conversational style with the beginner musician in mind and will get you up and slidin' away with your cigar box guitar in no time!  Only $9.99

Dr. Ea$y's Rattle-Cap Shakers - Each is a unique one-of-a-kind riddim instrument!

At 13 inches long with a sound like castanets crashing into a tambourine, a gen-u-wine Dr. Ea$y "Rattle-Cap" is sure to bring you hours of music and mayhem.

"Rattle-Caps" are inspired by the ancient African 'sistrum' shaker and are carved from solid, hardwood and lovingly assembled with colorful bottle caps, beads, guitar picks, coins, shells and whatnot that the good Dakta finds in his pockets during his travels...you'll just love groovin' to life with your very own "Rattle-Cap"!

Get into the Zen of it - what is the sound of one "Rattle-Cap" rattling? Come on, you just know you can't live without one! And two are twice as much fun!
Here is a sampling of DR's "Rattle-Caps"
($29.95US each + postage)