Long Time Here. . . Soon Come!

IN 2015, Tamboura Productions celebrates 26 Years of creating ways to accommodate the diverse demands and shifting sands of the musical marketplace by providing distinctive, diverse and high-quality artistic entertainment, recordings and musical instruments - all at affordable rates for music lovers of all ages.

SINCE 1989, Tamboura has claimed the enduring reputation for being the one and only folkrockin' reggae/calypso beach party dance band in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts...and way beyond. Little did we know at the time what a journey we'd begun, taking us through time and space to venues throughout the Northeast USA, the Caribbean, Italy, Switzerland, England...even Bulgaria!

WE INVITE YOU to peruse the pages of our website. Get acquainted with us by listening to Audio & Video Clips from our musical artists, view our travels and adventures in the Photo Gallery, visit the Dry Ducks General Store for recordings, hand-made shakers and cigar box instruments. Or, read some of David Reed's (mostly) light-hearted stories and essays in our Blogwash. Better yet, come on out to a live show! We'd love to meet you, and believe you'll enjoy what you find under our big red umbrella.   We believe once you do,  you'll come back for more!

THANK YOU for supporting Tamboura Productions and Dry Ducks Records over the past 26 years!

- David Reed

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